What did the developers have to say about Days Gone 2?

Apparently, the people behind the now-canceled sequel still haven't fully moved on from one of the last generation's most memorable games.

Days Gone 2 should've happened. The first game, while not a critical hit, sold well enough to outsell all the previous games by Bend Studio combined, as per the game's director. While the official sales numbers are a bit all over the place, the fact remains that people are still talking about Days Gone to this day. Thus, it begs the question, why didn't Sony greenlight a sequel to Days Gone?

Surprisingly enough, Days Gone isn't listed on the best-selling PS4 games online.

We don't have a proper answer to this question but Ross did have a heartbreaking update regarding the shelved sequel.

According to Ross, Days Gone 2 could've been released last month if Bend Studio had just "stuck to our guns."

Ross has been very vocal about his distaste regarding the cancelation.

The secret ending of Days Gone proved that Bend Studio had bigger plans for the game.

Previously, Ross encouraged fans to sign a petition to have the Days Gone sequel made just as the PC version was about to come out. Since then, Ross has discussed in length why he thinks the sequel never got made and probably, never will. Ross even lashed out at "woke reviewers" for the average critical reception of the game, which, as per his earlier claims, sold more than 8 million copies on the PS4 before selling a few million more once it came out on the PC.

Talking about Days Gone will bring divisive opinions regarding who you ask but it's widely agreed that the game wasn't bad at all.

Days Gone has a 9/10 rating on Steam and modders have breathed new life into it over the past two years. It might never get the push from the community to get a sequel but the numbers should've made sense for Sony.

After all, if sequels like Dying Light 2 and Dead Island 2 can get made and sell well, why won't Sony risk a Days Gone sequel for the PlayStation 5?

Days Gone 2 could've picked up exactly where the first game left off.

The tail end of Days Gone all hinted at a potential follow-up, which could see Deacon play a massive role in helping rid the world of the Freaker virus that sent it into disarray in the first place.

Alas, this will never happen. But, at the very least, Jeff Ross and his former studio, Bend Studio, are still working on new endeavors. Ross is currently employed by Crystal Dynamics as the Design Director of an unnamed project. On the other hand, Kevin McAllister, community manager at Bend Studio, confirmed that the studio is working on the "best Bend game yet", which is high praise for a team that's pushed out quality exclusives like Syphon Filter and a pair of Uncharted games for the PlayStation Vita.

It's unclear what game Bend Studio is working on at the moment. It was previously reported that Sony had offered Bend to do an Uncharted remake, which they declined to work on a separate project.

Unfortunately, at this point, Days Gone 2 will probably never get made unless it's rebooted some time next decade.

Sony hasn't confirmed nor denied if a reboot of Uncharted is currently in the works.

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