Westworld Season 4 gets a trailer and a release date

Westworld fans won't have to wait too long for the award-winning series to hit HBO again.

HBO's award-winning series featuring robots and a very convoluted feature is coming back for a fourth season and it's got a new trailer to show for it.

After two big seasons, Westworld's third outing wasn't as memorable.

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According to HBO, Evan Rachel Wood, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, and co, are all coming back for a fourth season on June 26. This would make sense after last season focused more on Paul's character, Caleb. Although Westworld went back to the titular animatronic park a couple of times, it was no longer central to the story. It appears that the fourth season will continue this after the trailer shows the cast traveling through time.

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are returning to co-write the fourth season, so the HBO show should rack up awards once again.

While Westworld made waves with its first two seasons, the third failed to make a similar impact. Perhaps it was because it dropped right when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak or maybe it just wasn't as good at all. Regardless of what happened, we're hoping that Season 4 of Westworld can put the sci-fi show back on track. If it doesn't, then it was fun while it lasted.

The sci-fi epic's latest season arrives more than two years after the last one came out.

Speaking of streaming platforms, Westworld isn't the only show that is coming in June.

Ms. Marvel will hit Disney+ on June 8. with The Umbrella Academy season 3 premiering on Netflix on June 22 with Stranger Things Season 4 parts 1 and 2 hitting the rival streaming platform on May 27 and July 1, respectively. There's also Better Call Saul coming back on the air for the second half of its final season on July 11. HBO also confirmed in March that House of the Dragon will come out in August. The reports of the show's budget suggest that will be just as big if not bigger than Game of Thrones.

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