Westworld co-creator addresses the show’s potential for a spinoff

Lisa Joy and the rest of the team that worked on Westworld are currently working on an upcoming project for Amazon Studios.

Lisa Joy, who served as co-creator of the popular HBO series Westworld, has addressed talks about whether the show could get a spinoff. Joy revealed her thoughts on the subject during a conversation with ComicBook.com.

Westworld Lisa Joy
Westworld season 4 finished airing almost two months ago.

She had the following to say, "I haven't talked spinoffs. Gosh, I can't even ... That just blew my mind, what you just said there. I'm here thinking I'm on Peripheral right now. I'm already dealing with that timeline, trying to wrap my head around all that. But no, I'm so excited by all the projects that we have in the works right now, and I'm excited to be here with [The Peripheral director] Vincenzo [Natali]."

Just a few days ago, Joy’s co-creator on Westworld, Jonathan Nolan, revealed that season 5 will be the show’s final season if HBO decides to renew it. Nolan confirmed they were in conversations with HBO for the said final season.

The streaming platform had always renewed the show while a current season was airing. However, they didn’t do this during Westworld’s fourth season which has led to the speculation that it will be canceled. Joy and Nolan had always expressed their hope for a fifth and final season, which they planned to use to wrap up the different plot points of the story.

Westworld Lisa Joy
Lisa and the rest of the team behind Westworld are currently working on The Peripheral for Amazon Studios.

Given Joy’s comments and the circumstances surrounding the world of Westworld, there is a slim chance the show will have a spinoff. Nevertheless, it does not entirely close the door on a spinoff. While Westworld’s appeal has dropped, its first season was well-received by fans and critics. It also had the most viewership of any HBO original series debut season. That suggests the story has credence and a spinoff will offer the opportunity for the creators to go back to the drawing board and identify what worked in the beginning, and where they got things wrong, which they can then use to develop a better and more refreshing story.

At the moment, Joy and the team responsible for Westworld are hard at work on the sci-fi show The Peripheral for Amazon Prime Video. It stars Chloe Grace Moretz as the lead character Flynne Fisher, who mistakenly witnesses a murder and gets caught in a conspiracy from the future. Other members of the cast are Gary Carr, Jack Reynor, Eli Goree, Charlotte Riley, and JJ Feild, among others. The show is based on William Gibson’s 2014 book of the same title and is scheduled for an October 21 release.

Speaking of Prime Video, another of its shows, The Boys, recently released images of its new supes. While the show does not have a release date yet, we can confirm it is currently filming in Toronto.

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