Wesley Snipes is open to appearance in the MCU reboot of Blade

The original Blade actor said that he's "working" on his acting skills just in case the MCU calls him.

Before Kevin Feige's Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Wesley Snipes' original Blade trilogy was the bomb. The first film, in particular, came out in 1998 to much commercial success and effectively saved Marvel Studios overnight.

The Avengers might have saved the universe countless times, but it was Wesley Snipes' Blade who gave birth to the MCU after a successful run in the late 90s and early 2000s.

In total, the three Blade movies earned a combined box office take of $415 million. While it might not sound like much these days, it was the first successful Marvel movie ever made and might have been the reason why we all get to look forward to watching the likes of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8.

So, with Blade making his debut in the MCU with Mahershala Ali in the lead, it's only fair to ask, is Snipes going to appear in the series?

According to the former Blade actor, probably not. The Expendables actor recently sat down with ComicBook to discuss his potential role in the upcoming Blade reboot, where he says that Marvel hasn't contacted him yet. He also joked that he's working on his acting skills or maybe they feel that he's an "ensemble player."

In the same interview, Snipes revealed that he doesn't think that MCU's Blade series should have an R-rating. Snipes believes that MCU's Blade can cater to "a wide range of dialogue and situations," saying that the teenagers of today "can speak better words than the adults can." Snipes went on to explain that it doesn't matter what the rating is "as long as it's true and organic to the subject matter, the plot, and the world that's created." Finally, Snipes let it slip that he's repurposing two scripts that he originally had for a potential fourth Blade film. Since the movie never materialized, he's using them for something else, saying that he's got "two Blade killers," now.

We have no doubt that Mahershala Ali will do Blade justice, but older audiences will always have a certain level of fondness for Snipes' version of the character.

Going back to the topic of the original Blade's importance in the cinematic success of comic book adaptations, it's hard to blame fans who have fond memories of the trilogy for why they might want to see Blade in the MCU.

Keep in mind that live-action comic book films were a rarity at the time, especially outside of Batman and Superman. The fact that Blade made so much as an R-rated film is a miracle and we'll always have Snipes to thank for making that happen. Hopefully, Feige does have a chance to talk with Snipes about a role in the MCU. He doesn't even have to come back as the daywalker, although we admit that it would be awesome to see him again as the vampire hybrid even if only for a brief moment in an alternative universe.

In the meantime, audiences itching to get their Marvel fix can do so on Disney+ with Ms. Marvel every Wednesday until July 13 followed by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on August 17 along with the other shows that the MCU has released, including the Defenders Saga. Thor: Love and Thunder will also premiere in theaters on July 8.

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