Werewolves are headed to Sims 4 later this year

The new Sims 4 roadmap promises three new expansions coming to the game over the next two months.

Nearly a decade since it came out, Electronic Arts' life simulation game, The Sims 4, is still getting a bunch of new updates.

Werewolves Sims Later This Year
It feels a little early to bring werewolves into The Sims 4, but who's complaining?

As per EA's latest content roadmap, The Sims 4 will get three new expansions over the next two months, including what appears to be the return of werewolves.

Yes, you read that right - werewolves.

Fans appear to have divided reactions to the potential upcoming The Sims 4 expansions. On one hand, a lot are happy that they'll see werewolves return to the game. However, others aren't quite a fan of EA's lackadaisical approach to Sims 4. After the My Wedding Stories launch earlier this year, which many felt was a half-assed attempt to add more content to the game, the bug-infested expansion pack left a sour taste in gamers' mouths. Some still haven't come back to Sims 4 since because they felt that the game had nothing else to offer anymore.

Werewolves Sims Later This Year
My Wedding Stories was a controversial expansion for The Sims 4.

You'd think that EA would have gotten The Sims 4 figured out by now. It's been nearly a decade since the game came out in 2014, but EA still hasn't released a content-rich offering that matches that of The Sims 3.

Only time will tell if EA is ever going to match up to the fan expectations. But, for what it's worth, The Sims 4 has better representation compared to its predecessors. Case in point, My Wedding Stories. The game's controversial extra content witnessed the wedding of two women, Dom and Cam. Although this led to an unfortunate banning of My Wedding Stories (the base game itself isn't barred) in Russia, many still consider this a step forward.

Speaking of The Sims series, a fifth game was rumored to be part of last year's EA Play lineup.

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