The 10 Weirdest Video Games You Can Play Today

Anyone who's played video games for a couple of years has stuck around long enough to stumble across a few weird ones. Some are even quite popular, which is all the more reason why you'll wonder what made the developers think about making such a game and why people are loving it, despite its weirdness anyway. Not all weird video games are head-scratches. Some are actually quite good.

If you thought dating games were pretty weird, try dating with pigeons.

Below, we've rounded up some of the weirdest video games that you can play today that aren't just a cheap attempt to cash in on the industry.


Maneater could've been titled as shark simulator and it would've been just as accurate.

Maneater is a single-player action RPG that's set in an open world environment where you literally take control of a shark.

The pro-environment story tasks players to help a female bull shark grow as large as possible by consuming everything in its path while completing various missions and even battling bosses. However, the story takes a backseat as soon as you're able to go hunting. The story of revenge is nowhere near as satisfying as the chaotic goofy action of what is essentially a mutant Jaws video game on a whole lot of steroids.

The gameplay eventually starts to show its repetitive nature, but that doesn't stop Maneater from being a source of some good ol' dumb entertainment.

Goat Simulator

Nearly a decade later, and there's still no word about Hideo Kojima returning to continue his work on Silent Hills P.T.

Goat Simulator feels like an April Fool's Joke gone wrong (or right?). In fact, a quote found in the game itself begs for people to actually release it. But, the truth is, Goat Simulator is a real game, and while the initial intention could have been to release it as a joke, this "small, broken, and stupid game" is well worth the $10 (or less) that you'll end up spending to get a chance to play it for a couple of hours.

A whole lot of hilarity and madness awaits you as you take on the role of a goat that's been let loose in a town full of ragdoll humans. Mind you, you're not just a typical goat. You're a sentient goat that can jump higher and has a tongue that stretches farther than that of a frog.

Just in case you're preparing yourself to get a goat in real life, Goat Simulator is a good way to get in some practice.

The Stanley Parable

Your adventure in The Stanley Parable starts here.

The Stanley Parable is a game that you have to play to get. It's not like it's hard to describe it. In fact, the game's premise is actually quite simple. You play as Stanley, who works a dead-end job in a typical office just typing in until a narrator jumps in and essentially takes control of his (your) life by telling you where to go next.

Between the open-ended nature of the game and the way that the narrator reacts depending on what you do in the game, as well as how Stanley can actually go insane depending on what you do, The Stanley Parable is weird in all sorts of ways.

Also, in case you're wondering, there is a remake/sequel coming pretty soon.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Who knew that dating pigeons could be this complicated?

Hatoful Boyfriend isn't for everyone. You could even argue that it's not for everyone. Yet, we're recommending it because it's a game that you have to play if you want to get just how weird it is.

Seriously. How could anyone think that a pigeon dating simulator is a good game?

Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel but instead of people or robots or aliens, which all would have been more understandable, the different love interests and characters are all pigeons with different personalities.

Perhaps what's even weirder is that you're playing as the only human that's attending St. PigeonNation's Institute.


While Spore might have failed to live up to expectations, it's still a fun game to play if a little weird.

The Sims games were weird enough already. If not for how it featured humans, the franchise would've landed itself a spot on our list. However, the same developers did eventually one-up themselves with another game, and while it wasn't as successful as The Sims, Spore's premise was intriguing if not downright weird.

Unlike The Sims that lets you play either an adult or a child or guide a child through his or her teenage years until they become adults, Spore has you creating life from scratch. And, by that, we mean designing the life form down to its very cell and evolving the said life form as you make progress in the game.

Spore divides itself into multiple stages, with each one related to the level of evolution of any of your creations. At the start, which is the Cell stage, you'll take control of a small single-cell life form that has to gather the necessary resources to survive, evolve, and grow. Then, later on, that monocellular life-form will reach its Creature stage and so on.

What's particularly interesting about Spore is that you can eventually guide each life-form it create different social units and form a thriving society.

As grand and weird as it is, Spore could've been a lot better, as it had plenty of content cut from it before its release. However, even though it's incomplete, Spore is a good game well worthy of your time, especially if you're trying to see what kind of weird life forms you can come up with when giving the means.

My Friend Pedro

Yes. Your friend, Pedro, is a banana.

In My Friend Pedro, you, the protagonist, go out to break some bones and kick some ass in a side-scrolling action game. The reason? All because Pedro told you. By the way, Pedro, the one who asked you to wreak havoc is a banana, for some reason.

The actual gameplay of My Friend Pedro is less weird than the premise. Once you get past that, you're treated to a rather standard shoot 'em up affair where you can choose whatever weapon it is that you want so you can try and go for the craziest kill possible by using all sorts of weapons, among numerous others.

Intense, crazy, and super weird, My Friend Pedro might just be one of the best weird games out there right now.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth was a wonderful parody of RPG games that remains relevant until today.

South Park: The Stick of Truth feels just like an episode of South Park, which isn't a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it is how the game managed to successfully translate the animated show so well into video game form that makes it so good.

From its excellent writing, dialogue, and story, as well as the voice-acting, The Stick of Truth will make you feel like you're part of a South Park episode. The game even has the crappy-looking aesthetics of the series down pat. Not to mention, the Stick of Truth absolutely nails the intention to parody role-playing games only to be a well-executed title of the same genre.

The Fracture But Whole might be the more recent game of the two and it's arguably a good game as well. However, while The Fracture But Whole might feel like a good South Park episode, The Stick of Truth is one of the show's most memorable ones yet.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Goofy and challenging both at the same time, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a fun take on the stale battle royale genre.

Speaking of April Fool's Day jokes, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds didn't set out to be a game at first. However, it eventually became one of the most innovative battle royale games out there, with the developers, Landfall, continuing to see plenty of success years after it was first released way back in 2018.

From a joke, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds now gives players a wide range of ranged and melee weapons to arm themselves with, including other kinds of gear that help guarantee a messy affair.

What sets Totally Accurate Battlegrounds apart from other battle royale titles is how it exaggerates player movements. It never gets old seeing characters flop up and down staircases as they stumble down from way high up. Even the mere recoil from the game's most powerful weapons is enough to make the characters look downright ugly.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds' player count is a far cry from its first year, but there's still plenty of players around for those who are interested to try it out.


Can you just imagine waking up to this kind of beauty after having nightmares fueled by marital pressure?

Catherine is one of the best games ever released on the PlayStation 3. It's also one of the weirdest games out there.

Equal parts dating sim, platform puzzler, and horror game, Catherine is a game best enjoyed when you don't know what you're doing and what's happening so that you'll stick around to find out what happens next.

Catherine's story stars Vincent Brooks, who starts to have nightmares after Katherine, his girlfriend starts pressuring him about marriage. Afterward, he meets a beautiful woman named Catherine, with who he starts an affair. By day, the game sees players navigating Vincent's tumultuous life as he finds a way to juggle dating two women without getting caught. By night, players will have to contend with nightmarish creatures ranging from a giant baby to disembodied hands.

It's a stressful game that uses a clever twist to tell a memorable story that you can play on the PS4 and the PC today.

Disco Elysium

These kinds of conversations are normal and what makes Disco Elysium such a good game.

If weird isn't a word used to describe a game that lets you debate against 24 sections inside your own brain, then I don't know what is.

Disco Elysium tells a unique story of a drunk detective who has to piece together a mystery while also trying to solve who he is and why he's there. Using sharp writing and a meticulous hand-drawn world, Disco Elysium tells a fun and funny story that will stick with you for a long time.

We recommend playing Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for a more immersive experience as it adds full voice acting to the game.

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