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Wednesday Season 2 will expand on Jenna Ortega's Latina heritage

The upcoming season will explore Wednesday's experience growing with a Latino parent.

Wednesday's co-creators want to explore the character's experience growing up in a Latino household.

Fans are excited for the second season of Wednesday, which will feature more of Wednesday’s adventures in Nevermore Academy. But, the follow-up will also explore what it was like for the child to grow up as the daughter of Gomez Addams. 

The creators of the record-breaking Netflix series revealed plans to expand on Jenna Ortega’s Latina Heritage.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, series co-creators Miles Millar and Al Gough reveal that Wednesday Season 2 will incorporate the titular character’s Latina background. The series will explore more of her upbringing in a Latino household.

"It’s so rare to find an iconic [Latina] character of this stature," Millar said. "We really try to find ways to [highlight that] authentically. What would Wednesday listen to when she was growing up? What would Gomez be playing?"

He adds, "And finding moments where we could really make it feel like a girl who’s grown up in New Jersey with a Latino parent, and how would that resonate with her as a teen? Certainly this season we’re looking for more ways to explore that."

The upcoming season will add more Addams Family characters to the Netflix series.

We've heard very little about the plot of Wednesday season 2 and the series will likely be premiering in 2024 at the earliest. The development of the second season may also be delayed by the recent Writers Guild of America strike. What we do know is that more Addams family characters will be added in the sophomore season.

Hopefully, the show improves in multiple areas of representation. The first season of Wednesday received backlash for not featuring a good number of Black characters. There were only two Black actors in the first season of the Netflix series. The show’s creators may take the opportunity to add more Black characters and even a Black protagonist for the series.

The second season will continue Wednesday's adventures in Nevermore Academy.

The upcoming season can also work on expanding the rumored romantic relationship between Wednesday and Enid. This would incorporate LGBTQ+ representation for the series. However, this may prove to be a more controversial theme for the Netflix show.

The ongoing WGA strike has put a damper on the development of many films and television series. While the production for most TV shows is paused, it is an extremely good sign that the creators are still thinking of adding more to the series in terms of representation. The strike buys the creators more time to think about what can be improved with the series and attract even more viewers.

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