Wednesday clip introduces Thing

A new clip introduces Thing, the loyal hand of the Addams Family, for the upcoming Netflix series Wednesday.

In a preview clip of the upcoming Netflix series based on The Addams Family, Wednesday, we get our first look at Thing.

A new clip introduces Thing, the loyal hand of the Addams Family, for the upcoming Netflix series Wednesday. (Images: Netflix)

Wednesday will be exploring the adventures of the titular character, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, who is enrolled in the Nevermore Academy. But the intelligent and pragmatic young woman learns the school is hiding more than just the usual skeletons in its closet.

This is the first time the character will be depicted in a more YA (Young Adult) presentation and storylines. But what would Wednesday Addams be without her kooky family? Check out the details revealed so far.

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In the short preview released during the Netflix Tudum global fan event, we see Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) discovering a spy.

She quickly locates the disembodied hand called Thing. Apparently, Thing is very conscious of his skin and uses a very specific lotion to keep it smooth. However, Wednesday’s heightened smell was able to detect the scent of that lotion, despite Thing’s attempt to hide in her room at the Nevermore dormitory.

Interestingly, this version of Thing has stitches, echoing the classic Frankenstein flesh golem imagery. Thing was originally a full-bodied creature that was so hideous only his hand could be shown in The Addams Family comic strips and television series. In the two later live-action films from the 1990s, Thing was re-imagined as just being a hand.

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) confronts Thing for spying on her in the newly released clip.

While the new version of Thing has some physical differences from his prior depictions, he retains his dynamic ability to communicate. Even as a disembodied hand, Thing is shown to be able to convey his emotions and thoughts through multiple gestures and finger movements.

Wednesday seems to be taking a page from other YA series on Netflix, with the lead character investigating creepy and possibly supernatural mysteries. Tonally, Wednesday could be compared to other Netflix series such as Locke & Key, Shadow and Bone, or Stranger Things.

Having a strong and intelligent female lead trying to make her own mark away without the help of her family also gives it some similarities to Enola Holmes.

The Wednesday show is more of a Young Adult (YA) mystery series, similar to Stranger Things, as the lead investigates the goings on at Nevermore Academy.

In the featurette centered on the character, goth master Tim Burton described this version of Wednesday Addams being perfect for its star, Jenna Ortega:

She's like a silent movie actress in the sense where she's able to convey things without words. To see the inner life and the subtleties was very exciting. And that's why we're very lucky to have Jenna because I can't imagine any other Wednesday.

Ortega herself gave her thoughts on what the show and her take brings to the character:

Wednesday is currently a teenager, and we've never seen her as a teenager before. Her snarky, snide remarks might not necessarily sound as charming when they're coming from somebody who should probably know better than a 10-year-old girl. That was a balancing act. We didn’t want to make her sound like every other teenage girl, but we also didn’t want to make her too ignorant.

What could the future hold for Wednesday Addams at Nevermore? Curious fans can check out more at the academy’s promotional website tie-in for the upcoming show right here.

Wednesday also stars Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Emma Myers and Hunter Doohan, with Tim Burton directing multiple episodes. The series begins streaming on Netflix November 23, 2022.

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