Wednesday beats Stranger Things to set a new Netflix record

The Addams Family spinoff show just pulled off the unlikely upset as it has set a new record for the most-streamed English language series on Netflix in its launch week.

Success was almost always guaranteed for Netflix's take on The Addams Family, mostly because of the cult-like following surrounding The Addams Family franchise. It also doesn't hurt that it's a live-action adaptation based around the fan-favorite member of the family, Wednesday Addams, who was masterfully played by Jenna Ortega. But, while it was always expected to do well, no one, even Netflix, would've seen this coming.

Wednesday Beats Stranger Things Set Netflix Record
Netflix has enjoyed several successive months of big hits now, which should go a long way in its recovery as the market leader.

According to THR, Wednesday has overtaken Stranger Things for the biggest-ever opening week for an English show on Netflix. Mind you, we're not talking about the older seasons of Netflix. The spin-off amassed 341.2 million viewing hours from around the globe, eclipsing the record set by Stranger Things Season 4 earlier this year at 335 million hours.

Unfortunately, the macabre show falls short of the 571.76 million hours set by Squid Game last year.

Wednesday Beats Stranger Things Set Netflix Record
It appears that all of the "bad" publicity Wednesday has been getting went a long way in guaranteeing its success.

Wednesday's success is a huge win for Netflix. After suffering a tremendous subscriber loss earlier this year, Netflix has struggled to distance itself from its competition. Many fans are jumping ship due to the platform's supposed lack of original content. However, Wednesday is as original as it gets for Netflix. Even if it's technically based on an iconic franchise, it's the first live-action installment since the late 90s, which was when The New Addams Family TV series premiered. It's also arguably the most successful of the bunch.

The numbers should be enough to put a rare smile on Wednesday's face. Jenna Ortega's been making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons lately, especially after her role in Scream 5 earlier this year.

Wednesday Beats Stranger Things Set Netflix Record
Wednesday has the potential to go on for more seasons and even give birth to more spin-offs.

With all the praise that's gone her way, we wouldn't be surprised if Netflix picks Wednesday up for a second or even third season. Who knows? Netflix might even do a feature film that includes the entire family. One of the few criticisms of Wednesday was it is a bit lacking in the involvement of the other famous members of the iconic goth family. A potential follow-up season to Wednesday could address that issue as will a movie and preferably, fans would love to see both happen.

In the meantime, audiences can help Wednesday rack up the numbers by binge-watching it over and over again. As for when and where audiences can see Ortega next, the Wednesday star will come back and reprise her role as Tara Carpenter in Scream 6, which premieres on March 10.

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