Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon is a Star Wars-Inspired film for Netflix


By Ray Ampoloquio July 10, 2021

It looks like Zack Snyder isn't done with Netflix just yet.

The superhero film director currently has multiple projects in development for the streaming giant, which now includes a Star Wars-inspired film, Rebel Moon.

The announcement of the Netflix exclusive film comes just a little less than two months after Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead made its debut on Netflix.

There are prequel films and an anime series set in the same universe as Army of the Dead that is coming in the future.

You can add  Rebel Moon to the list of projects that Zack Snyder currently has in development for Netflix.

The sci-fi film was initially planned to be a spin-off film to the Star Wars series.

Zack Snyder added that Rebel Moon will take inspiration from the late Akira Kurosawa.

Ever his ambitious self, Snyder claims that he wants to use Rebel Moon as a stepping point to form a new cinematic universe and franchise.

While news of a new Snyder film is always a cause for celebration, we shouldn't expect Rebel Moon to premiere anytime soon.

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