By Ray Ampoloquio September 24, 2022

Netflix's You is coming back for its fourth season in February and March

Several years later after Netflix picked up You from lifetime, it is coming back for a new two-part season and it's making several changes to its cast and locale.

Joe has gone from New York to Los Angeles, California, and the next season will be taking Penn Badgley across the pond and deep into the heart of London.

As per the appropriately weird and creepy teaser trailer, Joe Golberg now goes by a new name, Professor Jonathan Moore, after he goes through some "refinement".

Of course, who are we kidding? This is still Joe we're talking about. There's a reason why Joe is in London.

The closing scenes of the third season show Joe go to where Marienne Bellamy's Tati Gabrielle and her daughter are and we now know that she is in London. 

As revealed by Netflix, the first part of You's next season will be out on Netflix on February 10 followed by the second half on March 10.