Xbox Cloud Gaming beta now available on PC


By Aron Gerencser August 11, 2021

Microsoft continues undeterred in its quest to blur the lines betweenits various platforms.

The company has now launched the beta for Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC.

By expanding Cloud Gaming to PC, players with the necessary accounts and subscriptions can stream Game Pass titles to any compatible device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has already been stretching it wings with Project xCloud on mobile.

The new beta will enable users to stream the games they can access via their Game Pass subscription to any PC running Windows 10.

As the games are streamed from Microsoft's servers, users only need to worry about having a sufficient internet connection.

In a world constantly hit with hardware shortages, game streaming is the dream come true.

For budget users not keen on buying each individual game and an expensive gaming PC, Game Pass and Cloud Gaming is the perfect way to play.

The beta phase of Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC is live now.

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