By Ray Ampoloquio March 18, 2023

WWE 2K23 has a hidden and horrifying action figure skin of John Cena

WWE 2K23 has a plethora of unlockable characters and DLC wrestlers.

It appears the developers hid a skin in the game transforming John Cena into an action figure of himself in WWE 2K23.

Arguably the best (or, perhaps, the worst) part is the face has a singular happy expression that will haunt you later tonight when you go to sleep.

Thankfully, you can only access the "secret" John Cena skin via the MyFaction mode in WWE 2K23.

In this WWE 2K23 mode, you'll be allowed to create as well as manage factions in WWE 2K23 by purchasing collectible in-game cards.

Visual Concepts should give the creators of the now-cursed entity that they've let loose on the internet a huge bonus and a warning not to do it again.