By Ray Ampoloquio September 30, 2022

Wordle 468 for September 30: Hints and Answers

After yesterday's difficult word, Wordle #468 is also going to be just as hard for you to guess without any help.

Our first clue for Wordle #468 is that it sounds a lot like the word, "SCORE" and it shares the same letters as the word "CORNS". 

Wordle #468 is synonymous with the words "CONTEMPT" as well as "DISDAIN" among many others.

The only easy thing to guess of Wordle #468 is the letter that it starts with, which is letter "S".

You might also guess Wordle #468 if you pre-ordered the Xbox-exclusive game that's coming out on October 14. 

If you're still having a hard time guessing Wordle #468, don't worry, we've got exactly what you need on the next page.

The Wordle of the Day for September 30, 2022, #468 is SCORN.