By Ray Ampoloquio September 29, 2022

Wordle 467 for September 29: Hints and Answers

We'll be the first to tell you that Wordle #467 will take a lot of brain power to guess and find out the answer.

Lucky for you, we've got all of the clues that you will need to find out the answer to Wordle #467.

Wordle #467 is a noun or verb that is usually associated with burns or something that is very hot.

For example, Wordle #467 can be used to describe an injury or a burn that's caused by steam or something that's very hot.

Wordle #467 can also be used to describe when someone has gotten injured with a very hot liquid or steam. 

If these tips still aren't enough to help you guess Wordle #467, we'lll help you keep that streak of yours alive by giving you the answer on the next page.

The Wordle of the Day for September 29, 2022, #467 is SCALD.