By Ray Ampoloquio July 5, 2022

Wordle 381 for July 5: Hints and Answers

It looks like the Wordle gods are on a break these past few days.

After a freebie for Wordle #381, the puzzle for today, July 5, is an easy thing to guess.

One reason why we say Wordle #381 is easy to guess is that it has two vowels that are among the most common ones used in pretty much any word.

In addition to this, Wordle #381 has three consonants that are fairly common as well.

Finally, as a word, Wordle #381 is something that you might use often since it's a noun, verb, and adjective, that can mean many things.

If you still need help, you'll find the answer to Wordle #381 in the next page.

The Wordle of the Day for July 5, 2022, #381, is: FIELD.