By Ray Ampoloquio July 4, 2022

Wordle 380 for July 4: Hints and Answers

After several days of difficult puzzles, the Wordle gods have finally eased up.

Wordle #380 is easier even if it has duplicate letters and a vowel at that.

One of the biggest reasons why you will be able to guess Wordle #380 on your own is that it's a fairly common word. 

Wordle #380 also starts with one of the more common letters: S, T, and R.

As for what it means, Wordle #380 is a verb that means to divide or cut, sometimes referring to your personal ties with someone else.

If these clues weren't enough to help you answer Wordle #380, all you've got to do is to move on to the next page.

The Wordle of the Day for July 4, 2022, #380, is: SEVER.