Todd Howard just explained why Starfield is coming before TES VI


By Ray Ampoloquio November 9, 2021

Bethesda is currently hard at work making sure that Starfield is prepared for its November 2022 release.

However, because this is Bethesda we're talking about, fans can't help but wonder why the studio isn't working on the next TES game.

According Todd Howard, the reason is because Starfield was a "now or never" project for the team. 

Basically, if Bethesda didn't work on Starfield now, it would've never seen the light of day.

As it turns out, Bethesda has worked on Starfield since Fallout 4 was released in 2015.

With more than five years of development put into it, Starfield is shaping up to be Bethesda's next big IP.

Of course, TES fans would probably like it if Starfield released sooner.

This way, Bethesda could just focus on working on a new TES game instead of re-releasing Skyrim for the nth time.