New Disney Plus Parental Controls are coming on March 16


By Ray Ampoloquio March 1, 2022

Fans have made a lot of noise about Netflix losing its Marvel TV shows following an earlier report, leading to all kinds of speculations.

Disney finally put all the talk to an end when it confirmed that the Netflix shows are coming to Disney+. 

Make no mistake, the House of Mouse also prepared its popular streaming platform for what's to come.

Disney+ will introduce a new set of parental controls designed specifically so that kids can't access the more adult-oriented media that are coming to the platform.

For the first time since Disney+ went public, the platform will let parents set up restricted profiles for kids and curate content using content ratings.

Once the changes are implemented on March 16, subscribers can set their profiles to include everything from "TV-Y up to TV-MA" with the option to add a PIN as a fail-safe measure.

Content rating changes will also require additional confirmation including the password for the main account.

The platform minimizes any potential backlash that might come as it transitions to include more mature content with up to 10 different options.

With its latest announcement, Disney is showing that it's more flexible with its branding than expected

This paves the way for future MCU shows and movies like Deadpool 3 and Blade, among others.