The Rock talks about what makes Black Adam different from Superman in the DCEU


By Ray Ampoloquio July 22, 2021

Black Adam has roughly the same level of superpowers as Superman.

According to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, their difference in opinion when it comes to killing baddies is what separates Black Adam from Superman.

There remains a considerable amount of time from now until the  Black Adam movie premiere date in July 2022.

If it's any consolation, this gives Johnson at least a year to drum up hype and talk about his upcoming role as the superpowered anti-hero,

The Hollywood actor recently mentioned how Black Adam had the ability to use magic and had no problems killing villains.

This talk about Black Adam being as powerful as Superman has audiences clamoring for a showdown between these powerhouses in a future DCEU film.

With Cavill's future in the DCEU uncertain, Johnson's Black Adam might end up replacing Superman as the central figure of the DCEU going forward.

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