By Ray Ampoloquio June 22, 2022

Wesley Snipes is open to appearance in the MCU reboot of Blade

Before Kevin Feige's Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Wesley Snipes' original Blade trilogy was the bomb.

The first film, in particular, came out in 1998 to much commercial success and effectively saved Marvel Studios overnight.

So, with Blade making his debut in the MCU with Mahershala Ali in the lead, it's only fair to ask, is Snipes going to appear in the series?

According to the former Blade actor, probably not.

It's hard to blame fans who have fond memories of the trilogy for why they might want to see the original Blade actor in the MCU.

Hopefully, Kevin Feige does have a chance to talk with Snipes about a potential role in the MCU even if only as a cameo.