Waterworld TV show in the works


By Aron Gerencser August 3, 2021

Few movies are as notorious box office failures as Waterworld, the post-apocalyptic Kevin Costner flick set in a flooded world after the ice caps melted.

Over two decades after the movie flopped, its cult status and second wind of internet-fueled popularity are leading to a streaming series set in the same universe.

The as of yet untitled Waterworld series will be a sequel to the film following the same characters, 20 years after the events seen in the original.

Producer John Davis returns, making it clear he never quite gave up on the concept, and Dan Trachtenberg is set to direct.

While this will be a direct sequel, it isn't clear whether any actors will be reprising their roles as older versions of the characters.

Waterworld doesn't have a showrunner yet or other key creative talent.

Maybe with a longer show format, the Waterworld universe will be able to live up to its potential with this second chance.

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