By Darryl Lara August 25, 2022

COD: Warzone players are mad that Rebirth has been removed for Season 5

From now until the release date, devs should be focused on keeping players happy and hyped for Warzone 2.

However, Raven Software may have committed a serious blunder by removing a fan favorite map from the main rotation in Season 5.

With the new map rotation playlist, Rebirth Island will not be a mainstay map for Season 5.

Instead, the game will have a randomly rotated map of the playlist from Mondays through Thursdays and have a fixed schedule for weekends where it can be playable.

The released mainstay playlist has irritated gamers who like to play in Rebirth Island and calling the rotation “dumb”.

Many others commented the Rebirth is their favorite map next to Verdansk and would've loved playing it before the release of Warzone 2.