Volition reveals more details about the Saints Row reboot characters


By Ray Ampoloquio September 11, 2021

The Saints Row franchise is getting a reboot.

However, unlike other video game reboots, the developers decided to overhaul everything.

Players will get to play as a fresh set of faces in the Saints Row reboot.

The Saints Row reboot might have surprised many, but it didn't exactly come from nowhere.

The Saints Row reboot was leaked a week ahead of its official announcement.

Then, at Gamescom 2021, Volition finally revealed that Saints Row was getting rebooted.

Now, Volition has decided to give audiences a more detailed glimpse of the main characters of the reboot.

Chief among them is the Boss, who the studio describes as "the ultimate murder machine."

Meanwhile, Kevin is "loud and brash" and is a "thrillseeker" who is initially part of the Idols, one of the ruling factions of Santo Ileso.

Then there's Neenah, who is described as a natural when it comes to "getting her hands dirty" and "the best getaway driver in the business.

Finally, we have Eli, who is a "business mastermind" who values money over anything else.

With that said, we can only hope that Volition learnt a lesson or two from the series' shortcomings.

Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell are widely considered some of the best superhero games around.

However, both strayed a bit too far from what made the series so popular.

Volition will need avoid making the same mistakes again.

This is especially with GTA VI still reportedly many years away.

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