Video leaks Age of Empires 4 gameplay


By Aron Gerencser August 12, 2021

The upcoming and highly anticipated Age of Empires 4 is taking its sweet time in development.

Slated for a release on October 28, Relic still hasn't shown off a huge amount of gameplay.

Now a leaker beat them to the punch - with a one and a half hour video.

Clocking in at 94 minutes, the gameplay video shows off a Portuguese localized version of Age of Empires 4, focusing entirely on the Chinese Dynasty faction.

The video depicts an entire game from start to victory, giving us a pretty exhaustive overview.

Not only do we get a complete look at how building upgrades progress, but also of the various units and upgrade researching that this faction can throw at their enemies.

As the player proceeds through the game, some of the diplomatic and economic features Relic Entertainment has baked into the game surface.

The player makes peace with the Yellow team, and trade routes appear on the map.

Classic Age of Empires gameplay is on display here.

The major army fielded near the end of the match does well to showcase the fancy new visuals.

Will Age of Empires 4 really eclipse the fan-favorite classics? We'll find out soon!

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