Paramount Plus will include Showtime as ViacomCBS rebrands


By Aron Gerencser February 17, 2022

Birthed in 2019 as CBS and Viacom merged, the multimedia giant will cease to exist as it is starting today.

Instead, ViacomCBS will become Paramount as the company focuses on becoming one of the biggest streaming platforms.

As part of the company's latest changes, Paramount will also start including Showtime programming as part of a singular bundle later this year.

The new integrated offering will come as an in-app upgrade option that will come as either an ad-supported or ad-free service.

According to ViacomCBS' most recent presentation and earnings announcement, the company is serious about blitzing the streaming market.

The company's goal is to hit 100 million streaming subscribers in 2024.

There was a time when Yellowstone was one of the few reasons why you'd get Paramount Plus.

Now, more and more shows and movies are headed to the platform and counting.

Only time will tell if Paramount will succeed in its streaming plans, but if they don't, it will certainly not be for the lack of trying.