Tom Hardy says that Venom 3 will happen, but there's a catch


By Ray Ampoloquio August 12, 2021

As is usually the case with superhero films these days, people are always looking toward the future.

In Tom Hardy's case, the Venom actor already has plans for Venom 3.

However, Hardy reminds fans that for Venom 3 to happen, Venom: Let There Be Carnage needs to do well first.

Of course, the larger picture here involves Venom appearing in the MCU.

Now that we've seen the trailers for Let There Be Carnage, we know that Tom Holland's Spider-Man won't be in it.

Because the premiere date was delayed to October 15, we won't know for sure until months from now.

The more interesting part here is how well Let There Be Carnage will fare in the global box office.

If Let There Be Carnage can make back its initial budget and then some, Sony has no reason not to greenlight a third Venom film.

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