Valve is developing multiple 'pretty exciting' games currently


By Aron Gerencser March 4, 2022

Against all odds, the release of the Steam Deck has gone very well all things considered.

In the wake of that launch, we can now also look forward to multiple games on the way.

Valve is apparently working on multiple games right now, according to Greg Coomer who is a designer at the company.

The Steam Deck already delivered a surprise release with Aperture Desk Job, a brief instructional game for the console sharing a setting with Portal.

It's a far cry from being Portal 3, but the company's first game since Half-Life Alyx. 

Valve's output of mainline games has really tapered off since Dota 2.

You can absolutely bet that all of these upcoming "exciting" games that Valve is working on currently will be right at home on the deck.