VALORANT Battle Royale Mode is being tested in China


By Ray Ampoloquio July 4, 2021

Riot Games' free-to-player hero shooter, VALORANT, has been a huge success so far.

However, as popular as the game is right now, VALORANT still has room to grow.

One way that Riot is thinking of making VALORANT even more popular is the addition of a battle royale mode. 

A credible leaker claims to know that the VALORANT battle royale mode is being tested in China. 

According to PlayerIGN, Riot is currently testing a VALORANT battle royale mode in China.

If the rumors are true, then it makes sense why there was talk last year of Riot adding a "downed system" to VALORANT.

Until Riot comes out with an official announcement, we recommend taking this leak with a grain of salt. 

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