Epic Games fully launches Unreal Engine 5 alongside Lyra


By Ray Ampoloquio April 6, 2022

Two years after unveiling its latest engine in 2020, Epic Games has officially released Unreal Engine 5.

For its full launch, Epic dropped photorealistic sample images as well as a breakdown of all the enhancements along with a playable demo.

Unreal Engine 5 was the highlight of the recently concluded State of Unreal event.

Epic Games' founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, stepped onto the stage to explain what makes the company's new engine better than the rest of the competition.

Epic used this opportunity to give developers a starter kit for their projects like the Lyra Starter Game and The City Sample.

Epic's presentation was geared toward developers and how Unreal Engine 5 can help them create bigger and better-looking games by having a wide assortment of features.

Perhaps it should not come off as a surprise that several developers have already confirmed that they will use Unreal Engine 5 for their next projects.

Ultimately, this is just the start for Unreal Engine 5.

We can expect Unreal Engine 5 to get better over time as Unreal Engine 4 also did.