Underworld star doubts series will come back


By Aron Gerencser July 22, 2021

Underworld's lead actress Kate Beckinsale does not believe the series will be coming out of the grave.

Beckinsale's new film Jolt premiered on the 3rd of June, and is another high-octane action thriller, swapping the blood sucking undead for a bold and colorful visual direction.

The actress spoke about her hopes for the Underworld franchise on the marketing trail for the new flick, but this isn't the first time she mentioned the crossover idea.

Beckinsale already spoke about her hopes for a Blade crossover with leading actor Wesley Snipes.

Actual plans for such a film existed, but Marvel intends to incorporate the Blade character into the MCU and thus turned away from the opportunity.

Blade wasn't the only other franchise considered for a crossover, as the idea of Underworld being mixed up with the Resident Evil movie series was also floated.

While the possibility of an Underworld-Blade crossover is no longer on the menu, the very future of the Underworld franchise is in question.

In 2017 following the release of Underworld: Blood Wars, Len Wiseman stated that a seventh film with Beckinsale was happening.

Later the actress denied returning to the series, and no news about any further underworld films has been heard of since.

Blade hasn't debuted in the MCU yet, but it's only a matter of time.

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