Sony just effectively confirmed that an Uncharted sequel is coming


By Ray Ampoloquio February 23, 2022

Before last weekend, only three video game adaptations had made at least $44 million at the local box office in their opening weekends.

Following Uncharted's successful local debut last weekend, there are now four. 

The Tom Holland-led live-action adaptation of Uncharted opened to $44 million in the United States despite the lukewarm critical reception.

With Uncharted having already recouped its budget and its box office tally growing, it appears that Sony has set its eyes on sequels.

Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO, Tom Rothman, praised the staff for their efforts in a companywide email.

The interesting part about what Rothman said in his email is that he described Uncharted as a "new hit movie franchise" for Sony.

Although this is not an actual confirmation, the terminology used suggests that Sony is already planning a second Uncharted movie.

An Uncharted movie franchise is a natural fit as the source material is four mainline installments deep with two spin-offs.

It will be interesting to see what direction the Uncharted movie sequel will take after exploring the origins of Nathan Drake.