Tune in on September 9 for the first The Matrix Resurrections trailer


By Ray Ampoloquio September 8, 2021

The Matrix trilogy was one of the biggest hits of the early 2000s.

The first film, in particular, made nearly half a billion dollars on a $63 million budget.

The sequels, which were both released in 2003, were even more successful.

Since then, the story of The Matrix universe has been expanded on in video games, animation, and comic books, but never in another film - until now.

Those who followed CinemaCon 2021 got themselves quite the treat.

According to the information revealed at CinemaCon 2021, Resurrections will see Neo assume his Matrix identity once again.

However, it appears that he'll have no clue about being The One at all. 

Trinity is also set to return in The Matrix Ressurections, so it'll be interesting to see why these two supposedly dead characters are still alive. 

As much uncertainty there is for Resurrections, the wait for the film's premiere isn't too long.

The latest The Matrix film will drop sometime in December 2021.

However, we wouldn't be surprised if Warner Bros. decides to movie up the film's timeline.

After Sony announced that the Venom sequel was going to premiere two weeks earlier than intended, all bets are off. 

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