Titanfall 2 compromised by hackers


By Aron Gerencser September 10, 2021

The hacking issues in Titanfall 2 have been the subject of a bit of controversy recently.

However, it's never gotten quite as bad as it has now.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the existence of an exploit used to crash games remotely, and are working to fix the problem.

However, despite assurances from the developers, rumors claim that the issues are more serious.

As the exploit spread, so did rumors and panic about more serious issues that could leave players’ machines compromised.

These rumors are almost definitely nonsense, but they’re worth noting due to how much exposure they’ve received.

Based on a cropped, unidentified screenshot from a Discord server, the exploit can also allow hackers to execute code on local machines.

Respawn Entertainment followed up their initial post with a Tweet clarifying that they are still working to fix the exploit.

Engineers have determined that it really just is a regular crash-causing exploit and not some doomsday hack that will compromise your PC or console.

Hopefully, the exploit will be fixed soon.

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