At least three unannounced remasters from Take-Two Interactive are in development


By Ray Ampoloquio August 7, 2021

Take-Two Interactive currently sits on a treasure trove of classic titles begging for a re-release.

Now, we've come across information that at least three unannounced remasters or remakes from Take-Two Interactive are in development.

The news comes from Take-Two Interactive's latest investor presentation.

Take-Two is reportedly working on three upgrades, remasters, and/or remakes of "previously released titles" that are themselves set to release next year.

Fans are already speculating the truth about the three "unannounced" remakes and remasters.

For the vast majority, this is confirmation of the earlier rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 3 remake, along with Vice City and San Andreas.

Of course, until Take-Two confirms anything, it's best to take everything you hear with a grain of salt. 

Personally, we couldn't be more excited at the possibility of playing San Andreas again on a next-gen console!

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