These games deserve the VR treatment the most


By Aron Gerencser November 17, 2021

Virtual Reality is finally taking off for real.

Announcements that Resident Evil 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will get VR treatments further broadened the horizons of virtual reality fans.

Let's take a look at some of the franchises and games that we think would work fantastically in virtual reality environment.

Arkane's Dishonored is a fantastic example of the "immersive sim" subgenre which has criminally been underrepresented.

Much like Dishonored, Deathloop is also a game that oozes visual style with a very deliberate aesthetic and art direction going on.

A VR Halo could eschew the usual trappings of the series and style itself as a Spartan training simulation.

Grand Theft Auto 5 lends itself much better to virtual reality we think - and apparently, so does the community with plenty of mods around.

Remediating RTS games like this in a VR setting would definitely up the immersion of being a, well, supreme commander.