Negan from The Walking Dead is getting a spin-off TV show


By Ray Ampoloquio March 9, 2022

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan has become a popular character that fans have come to hate to love in The Walking Dead.

Now, AMC is doubling down on the former Saviors leader and his infamy.

Negan will take on the lead role with Lauren Cohan's Maggie as the stars of the upcoming spin-off TV show, Isle of the Dead.

Eli Jorné will helm Isle of the Dead, which will revolve around the two characters venturing off to a New York City that has been "cut off from the mainland" for years.

Isle of the Dead will be the nth spin-off stemming from AMC's flagship series as AMC seeks to expand on the universe once The Walking Dead ends soon.

We're definitely curious to find out where Isle of the Dead will take place in The Walking Dead timeline.

In the meantime, fans of The Walking Dead can look forward to watching a new episode every Sunday until March 27.

The third part of the flagship series will premiere sometime later this year, concluding a cultural landmark that aired for over a decade.