By Ray Ampoloquio August 25, 2022

The Umbrella Academy showrunner to work on Horizon 2047

Steve Blackman, the executive producer, and the showrunner of The Umbrella Academy, has set his eyes on Horizon 2047 under Irish Cowboy, his new production company.

His work on the Horizon series is included in his new Netflix deal that will see him work on a second series, Orbital.

According to Blackman, the Horizon TV show adaptation is an "elevated, event-level" project that "fans will love and relate to."

It's all starting to look like the Netflix TV adaptation of the Horizon games will make for a must-watch series.

With Blackman's involvement confirmed, all that's left is for the start of the casting as well as filming so that we can finally start speculating about when the show will hit the streaming platform.

The latest game in the series, Horizon Forbidden West, came out in February and is widely speculated to be getting a DLC soon.