The Transformers: The Movie returning to theatres for anniversary event


By Aron Gerencser July 30, 2021

With its 35th anniversary this year, The Transformers: The Movie is making a brief return to theatres in remastered form.

Fathom Events teamed up with Hasbro for this legendary rerun of The Transformers: The Movie in select theatres on Sunday, Sept. 26 and Tuesday, Sept. 28.

Not only will these showings feature newly remastered 4K footage, but also additional content not seen in previous releases.

The theatrical rerun is part of a year long celebration of the landmark movie's release. Arguably, without the movie, we wouldn't be getting Transformers media and products today.

Alongside the movie's return to theatres, the remastered 4K version is getting a celebratory home media rerelease with various bonuses.

Amid the anniversary celebrations, it isn't only old Transformers media in the spotlight - Kingdom was just released on Netflix.

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