The Suicide Squad hitting HBO MAX early


By Aron Gerencser August 6 2021

Guess what? You can stream The Suicide Squad on HBO MAX right now.

That's right - the movie got its premiere moved up a day, both on HBO's streaming platform and theatres.

Availability starts at 7 p.m. ET on Aug. 5 instead of the previously revealed Friday, Aug. 6 date.

This means that anyone with a HBO MAX subscription can watch the film anytime for the next 31 days, including right now.

Reviews for the spiritual successor of Ayer's Suicide Squad, including returning characters and actors, paint an amazing picture.

James Gunn's R-rated take on the group of anti-heroes from the DC universe is notably more light hearted with a greater emphasis on humor.

The Suicide Squad is released in the wake of renewed calls for DC and Warner to release "The Ayer Cut" of 2016's Suicide Squad, which was infamously altered due to studio meddling.

The studio projects the flick to be a major success at the box office.

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