The Rock says no to Vin Diesel's offer to return for Fast 10


By Ray Ampoloquio January 1, 2022

There are very few celebrity feuds that are as public and as expensive as the one between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel.

The argument between the Hollywood stars a few years ago led to The Rock's departure from The Fast and Furious franchise.

Since then, many believed that both had already agreed to disagree and go their separate ways.

But, it appears that their relationship remains just as strained.

In a recent interview with CNN, The Rock explained that he was "surprised by Vin's recent post".

He added that the two had hashed it out "not over social media" back in June.

Back then, he made it very clear to both Diesel as well as his "partners at Universal" that he would "not be returning to the franchise."

To make matters worse, The Rock singled out Vin Diesel's plea as an "example of his manipulation."

The Rock didn't exactly have anything bad to say about Diesel, but it's clear that he didn't like how his former co-star called him out.

If it's any consolation, The Rock isn't out of Fast and Furious entirely.

He's still very much interested in filming Hobbs and Shaw 2.

Until then, fans can look forward to seeing The Rock in Black Adam on July 29, 2022.