John Cena talks Peacemaker TV show and its connection to The Suicide Squad


By Ray Ampoloquio July 15, 2021

The MCU has a penchant for taking relatively unknown characters from the comics and turning them into stars in their own right.

Still, DCEU's bet on the Peacemaker is taking things one step further.

As weird as it is to choose such an obscure character from DC Comics to star in a TV series, it's not exactly a bad choice.

John Cena will take on a starring role in the upcoming Peacemaker TV series.

The Suicide Squad's director, James Gunn, will be the one in charge of writing for the entire series. He'll also serve as the director for multiple episodes.

Unfortunately, this is all that we know about the Peacemaker TV series right now.

In an interview with Enertainment Weekly, John Cena mentioned that fans will be begging for more of Peacemaker soon.

Because a TV-MA rating is a more severe rating than R, Gunn would have more freedom for the Peacemaker TV show. 

Here's to hoping that the upcoming premiere of The Suicide Squad on August 5/6 helps provide more clarity about the Peacemaker TV show.

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