By Hassan Sajid October 3, 2022

The PS5 has officially been jailbroken and allows package installation

It is hard to believe that the PS5 is 2 years old while thousands of people still can't get a hold of the console.

Many may not have the PS5, but a hacker has finally managed to jailbreak the console.

Recently, a notorious hacker known as Lance McDonald shared his newly jailbroken PS5 console on his Twitter, showing off some of the new PS5 settings.

The settings included developer options and tools. These options are never available without a jailbreak.

The highlight of the video was at the end where Lance showcased installing Silent Hill P.T demo. The game ahs been officially delisted from the PS store.

Stability notes of the jailbreak exploit state that despite its limitations, it is powerful as it allows hackers to dig deep into the system, which may help discover a lot of new exploits.