By Ray Ampoloquio May 23, 2022

The incoming PlayStation Classics lineup for the PS Plus revamp is much better than expected

Now that details about the PS1, PS2, and PSP re-releases that are coming to the PS Plus Premium are making their way online, we're starting to see a better picture of what Sony is trying to paint.

What is perhaps the most interesting part here is how Sony is pricing the facelifted titles.

As Sony is set to roll out the "all-new PlayStation Plus" in Asian markets on May 24, the pricing is also equally impressive.

Not to mention, if you already own digital copies of the said games on the PS3 or PS Vita, you won't need to buy them anymore.

This is a lot of value that we're getting from a company that was once on the receiving end of criticism for not caring to preserve its video games. 

Sony is now on track to monetize nostalgia and we'll gladly hand it our wallets if it can keep this up.