Square Enix drops official Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website


By Ray Ampoloquio March 10, 2022

It's amazing how a game that was technically a hail mary for the then-Square turned out to be one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

After the first game was released in 1987, Final Fantasy is turning 35 later this year.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Square Enix just revealed a website dedicated to celebrating all things Final Fantasy.

According to Square Enix, the Japanese publisher wants to bring "many exciting new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy" now that the series is in its 35th year.

Square Enix is outright teasing that there are still more Final Fantasy projects coming outside of what's already confirmed.

If you take a look at the "New Titles" subsection of the official website, you can find a list of Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy games.

You'll find a small tease with Square Enix stating, "and more..."

Naturally, fans have spent the past 24 hours or so speculating about future Final Fantasy projects.

Either way, the path is clear for whatever the studio has planned for mid if not late 2022.

Unfortunately, fans will have to find out what else Square Enix has planned for 2022 as far as Final Fantasy is concerned.