The new Battlefield 2042 trailer shows off Irish in action


By Ray Ampoloquio August 17, 2021

Electronic Arts' initial reveal of Battlefield 2042 only had four specialists.

EA promised that more would be coming both before Battlefield 2042 launches and afterwards.

True to its initial promise, EA recently confirmed that Battlefield 4's Irish is headed to Battlefield 2042 as the game's fifth specialist.

Now, the game's developer, DICE, has released some gameplay footage of Kimble "Irish" Graves in action.

In his gameplay trailer, we see Irish placing his DCS Deployable Cover to help him land hits on incoming enemies.

We're then taken to another scene where he's putting down an APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel for protection against incoming fire and explosives.

This marks the first time that EA has shown off this much Battlefield 2042 gunplay.

Irish's gameplay trailer looks like it's set in the Renewal map in Egypt because of its map design.

Renewal is the only map where one half is lush greenery, and the other is a vast expansive desert with a large wall separating the two halves.

Hopefully, Irish's gameplay trailer is just the first of many for the other specialists.

Fans want to see more of Battlefield 2042 gunplay and action. 

The wait for more Battlefield 2042 isn't that long.

After the technical test concludes, EA is set to host an open beta test in September ahead of its October 22 launch.

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