Alleged footage of The Mandalorian game revealed to be fan project


By Aron Gerencser August 28, 2021

Well, that didn't take long.

The in-game footage of what seemed like a Star Wars: The Mandalorian video game has been discredited by many industry professionals.

This makes it clear that it is a fan project put together by an avid Unreal Engine 4 enthusiast.

The footage appeared on YouTube before making the rounds among the fandom, with many assuming right off the bat that is it leaked from an actual game.

It showed off the main menu, traversal, shooting mechanics, a holographic weapon selection menu and more.

The apparently leaked footage looked very convincing.

However, a lot of key errors also stuck out if you were paying attention that are now all the more obvious.

As the video started making the rounds online, professional game developers chimed in to state that this is definitely a fan project.

This is an Unreal Engine 4 mod with canned animations from Advanced Locomotion Systems.

The fact that Disney's relentless troop of lawyers haven't nuked the video yet reinforce that this is an impressive fan project.

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