By Ray Ampoloquio June 13, 2022

The latest Starfield reveal fails to stick its landing

After alot of hype, Starfield is finally close to launching, and, we're not exactly huge fans.

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase is easily the best non-E3 E3 showcase we have seen this year and we can see how Microsoft thought that showing off Starfield was a good idea.

But, as an event-ender, Starfield's first gameplay footage failed to live up to the hype.

Make no mistake, Starfield looks the part of an expansive (and also expensive) game - it's just not what we expected.

All throughout, it's hard to fight this sense that Bethesda is forcing a lot into Starfield as if cramming two decades' worth of development into a single game.

We're not denying the scope and ambitions that Bethesda has for Starfield, but it needs to do and be more if it is to outpace others in the space race.

Starfield is expected to launch some time in early 2023.