By Ray Ampoloquio September 26, 2022

The Last of Us finally gets its first full trailer and release window on HBO

Most didn't expect anything big for this year's Outbreak Day after The Last of Us Part 1 was released in August.

So, it came off as a big surprise that HBO and Naughty Dog has finally released the first trailer for The Last of Us at the said event.

Everything from the chaotic opening sequence to that one fan-favorite scene from the Left Behind DLC should feel familiar to fans of the award-winning franchise.

The show's world is authentic to the point of surreal - it's hard to imagine that a live-action adaptation can nail details down to a T like this.

HBO is smart enough not to give fans everything. The first official teaser trailer for HBO's The Last of Us only revealed that the show is going to come out next year.

Most likely, HBO's The Last of Us won't be out until after The House of the Dragon has been finished with its first season.