What's next for Tom Holland and his Peter Parker?


By Ray Ampoloquio February 28, 2022

Who knew that Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy for the MCU was one big origin story for the multi-billion dollar studio's version of Spider-Man?

By the time the credits roll on No Way Home, Peter gets a clean slate, but at the cost of getting more than what he bargained for.

Going forward, no one remembers who Peter Parker is anymore after Doctor Strange's final spell erases him from the collective consciousness of the MCU's universe.

Literally being a nobody has paved the way for much speculation and theories about where Spider-Man could swing by next.

The MCU twist to what Marvel Comics did when Spider-Man foolishly outed himself as Peter Parker in the comic books is bleaker and, in some ways, much better.

This lays the foundation for a relatively unexplored ground where everyone remembers who Spider-Man is but Peter Parker is left literally alone with no one else.

If we assume that everyone really forgot about Peter Parker, the MCU can now focus on building its own Spider-Man.

The natural course of events would mean that Holland's Parker will meet the MCU's Miles Morales in the next film.

This way, the two Spider-Men can spend enough time bonding with each other that will all culminate in that emotional "passing of the torch moment."

More importantly, we're hoping that the MCU explores the idea of giving Spider-Man a support system in The Defenders now that they're probably going to be canon to the MCU.

After all, with the Avengers pretty much defunct in the current timeline, Peter Parker needs a couple of people to hang out with.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones, among others, are the ideal bunch of misfits that would fit in perfectly with Peter Parker's world now that his reality is a bit more grounded than before.